How we work

Over 30 Years experience

Quality is what we are about.

Fountain Gate Plumbing Services have been around for 30 plus years. There is a reason for this, quite simply quality in workmanship and competitive pricing is only the beginning. We have total pride in the work we will do for you. We don't accept second best. It is all about offering the best job at a fair price.

Having such a long history in the industry enables us to be informed about all new technologies and better ways of doing our job. This means a number of things to you our customer latest tech with cost saving on both job and ongoing costing.

Fountain Gate Plumbing Services are also well aware of the need to have a green policy wherever possible. This is paramount for both our business success going forward and also for you the customer to ensure that the future is what it can be by being aware of green options which as a company we will always keep abreast of.

Quality Workmanship

There is no substitute for quality

At Fountain Gate Plumbing Services we have no substitute for offering a quality job. Doing sub standard work harms both us and our relationship with you our customer. This is a an issue we refuse to face, do it right, do it once and then both you the customer are happy and we are not having to redo work. Everybody wins.

Commercial and Civil

Nothing too hard for us

Fountain Gate Plumbing Services has the manpower to take on commercial and civil jobs without any issues at all. We have the equipment, the manpower and more importantly the expertise to tackle the largest of commercial or civil works. We will always focus on keeping the bottom line in sight. But more importantly we bring 30 years of expertise in the industry to come up with the right answer the first time.